Sunday, January 25, 2009

CT Scans and whatnots

I recently signed up on a support alliance for Phyllodes Tumor patients. It feels good to finally find people who share the same worries with me. Reading one of the community members comments of us being the lottery winners when it came to this tumor because we belong to the 1% of the population made me laugh.

So anyways, as I was going through the previous post, my initial fear that there's really no defined treatment for PT (Phyllodes Tumor) patients has been confirmed.

When we were informed that the tumor was malignant, we immediately asked my doctor what treatment options are available for us. She told us, for now, chemo/radiation therapy is the last resort. But that's only when there's metastasis already. For now, we just have to closely monitor my body through regular check ups. What we should be looking out for is the incidence of a recurrence. I was telling my family that this whole thing does not really scare me. But what I cannot handle right now is another surgery this year. I don't think my body can handle another surgical invasion after a mastectomy.

Later today, I am hoping to finally finish the CT Scan so we can get a clearer picture by the end of this week. We've been praying really hard that it stays clear so we can at least set aside our worries for the meantime.

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