Sunday, August 9, 2009

PT Update

I am going back to my doctor today for my 6-month routine mammosonogram and 3-month routine check up. A lot has happened since my last visit and I have so many questions in mind, I had to write them so I won't forget.

I guess once cancer hits you, the sleepless nights are always going to be there. Going on my 7th month now, I still can't claim I'm cancer-free. Not till I hit my 2nd year mark. There are days when paranoia gets the best of me. I'd stare at Maia and wonder how she'd grow up. I hope she will be fine and will only have happy thoughts of Mommy.

There are days though that I can't help but be surprised of myself too.

Like this morning for instance, I posted an update in Facebook. And in no time, I had people asking how I was doing. I was chatting with a former officemate when I typed this line - "it's a blessing that God sent me the cancer after I had Maia. She gave me so much reason to fight for and keep fighting".

I used to think that Maia was so unlucky to have a Mommy like me. But now, the tone has changed with out me realizing it. Now, I feel so lucky having Maia around.