Sunday, August 21, 2011

"I'm Gonna Love You Through It" - Martina McBride

A friend just shared this video and I cried buckets while watching it. I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness.

Mitch, Gail, Tessa, my Phyllodes sisters over at Facebook, everyone I met in this journey who bravely shared their stories to inspire me - I am VERY LUCKY TO HAVE MET YOU. Though I'd rather really that I met you in a different circumstance (preferably one donned with a party atmosphere maybe or anywhere with good ambiance) but still not everyone gets to meet people who make you realize how lucky you are to be alive and that LIFE is something you cherish and not waste.

To friends who would constantly check on how I was doing, I am immensely thankful to have you guys around. We may have been physically separated by our present locations but you were always just there. And I may not always be vocal of how I appreciate all your concerns, but yes I DO. They keep me going.

To my ever supportive family I AM VERY GRATEFUL THAT I HAVE YOU. I do not have words to describe how thankful I am that you were always there for me. That I can count on you each time I needed emotional, financial and whatever kind of support you can imagine. I love you.

Just last night, I was putting my daughter to sleep and asked her to pray for Mommy to get better soon. I thought she didn't hear me because she was still asking for some play time during bedtime so I resigned the thought. But guess what, after covering me with a blanket (and making me believe we are still playing hide and seek), I heard her pray! She went: "Jesus, pagalingin mo Mommy ko! Thank you, Love ka ni Maia!" (Jesus please heal my Mommy, thank you Maia loves you!) I was trying so hard to keep myself from tearing up (hence, I'd scare the little lady). I am a the luckiest mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend there is.

Again, I have nothing but gratefulness for this overwhelming, unending support around me. And I know I will never get through the day without them.

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