Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Five Years After

Today at my routine check up, my doctor told me that one patient of hers was also diagnosed with Malignant Phyllodes Tumor. I once wished to meet somebody like me. But 5 years after, I don't think I still wish for the same. Now, I just wish that more people will give more value to life. Because it really is a gift. A gift that most would take for granted. I now dream of that day when most people would choose to live more meaningful lives. 


My facebook status today: Oh, tonight as I wait to be lulled to sleep. I remember that time 5 years ago when I was told "no more solids after 12mn". The next day, I let myself be wheeled into the OR and went out of it almost 3 hours after with one less boob and an almost unbearable pain in my chest BUT with great pride knowing that I have surpassed one major fear that is surgery. And yes a week after that I was told the tumor was malignant but today I celebrate not only for myself but to all those brave men, women, children and babies who fight to live beyond a cancer diagnosis every single day. I have nothing but pure respect for all of you. You inspire me everyday. Every single day.