Wednesday, August 14, 2013


June has passed and I have yet to schedule all my routine check ups. I used to obsess about them. Like my world revolved around it. But I don't know. Lately, I keep making excuses and end up forgetting to schedule. My yearly CT Scan is the most urgent but yes, the most dreaded of all the routine tests that I had to undergo.

Lately, I've not been feeling well. Maybe it's the stress or the lack of exercise or taking my diet for granted. I think it's all of the above. But when fatigue takes hold of my body, I can never stop thinking of mets and recurrences. I'm not scared anymore. But I worry. For my loved ones most especially.

So this week, (I can only say partly for everyone's peace of mind because the waiting time for the results is an altogether different story) I MADE time to schedule the CT Scan finally. My creatinine results came back normal and within range so there's no turning back now. This Saturday I face my dreaded procedure once again. 

Could you please say a little prayer for me then? That everything goes well with the procedure? That I don't puke my guts out and they get a good look at everything swiftly so we do everything in just one go (and no need to redo). My procedure is at 9am this coming Saturday. I hope my body cooperates with the dye this time. And I hope my results come back as normal as possible.

no turning back. everything's all set.