Sunday, February 8, 2009

A weekend family affair

We went up to Tagaytay this weekend. I tried to recall when was the last time that we were here and realized that it was during our wedding. That was over a year ago. We haven't been back since then. We promised ourselves we will be back there for our first wedding anniversary since the hubby and I used to love going here but my delicate pregnancy did not allow us to do that.

A lot has changed since then. I counted and there were almost about 10 hotels along the highway that sprouted since our last visit. That alone made me feel like we missed so much. But that was only for a while. I secretly said a prayer of thanks after that. I told myself I should be thinking of how lucky we were to finally get the opportunity to go up there again...this time with our little angel Maia.

The purpose of our trip was to actually to pay the Pink Sisters a visit. I've made several trips there in the past years to ask for prayers for my friends. All of my requests then were granted. Now, I am up there again...this time to ask for personal favors. Unlike my previous visits, we were lucky to see the sisters this time. That made me very hopeful. My prayer request will be heard.

After spending about an hour at the chapel...we headed to the Mahogany market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. My sister and I enjoyed going through stalls and stalls of fresh goodies. When we were done with the marketing, we decided to grab some snacks before heading home. Since I officially scratched out red meat in our diet, my Tinang (short for Tita Ninang) suggested we eat at the Mushroomburger joint. Food was cheap but very filling.

I am glad we had this opportunity today. I do hope we'll have more trips with Maia in the coming years.

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