Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Been Three Years

Yes! Today is my cancervesary. And it's been three years since that (un)fateful day, I was wheeled into the OR and got out without my left boob.

I wanted to write something longer. Just to commemorate the day. But I guess I ran out of things to say. My big plan is really just to move on. And keep praying for others who need more of it. From where I'm sitting, that's the best support that I can think of right now. Lame, lame. The first year of my diagnosis, I had a grand plan. I really wanted to promote PT awareness in the Philippines. But I was sucked into the world of motherhood, drowned in it and never got out (not that i'm complaining).

This post had been sitting in my draft folder a few days before my cancerversary. But I never got past one sentence. So now, I'm just posting what I wrote in Facebook to remember that day by.

Three years ago, I was already being prepped for surgery the next day. It will probably remain to be one of the scariest days of my life but I will keep holding on to that memory because despite the how scared I was of that day, it was also the day I realized how much I value life. 

Life is a gift. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective to see that. But it is a gift that we all should cherish and experience to its fullest. 

I just have to say this though - phuck phyllodes

If you are a PT patient and is lost and looking for somebody to talk to, feel free to join our Facebook group (group name: Phyllodes Tumors, CystoSarcoma Phyllodes, whatever it's called...) You may not find your answers but there sure is somebody in there who will listen to you and comfort you the best way they can. My PT sister Anna Wallace has a wonderful blog as well. Please go visit if you would want to read on her PT experience. Click here to visit her page.

Here is another informative article that discusses the facts and myths on Phylloides Tumors. Click here to read the article.


  1. Hi Faye!
    I think I have read every single post in this blog. It is bittersweet and very inspiring. Made me cry!... And made me want to spend every single minute of my life with my daughter. You are one tough strong Mama!

  2. hello pepper! thank you for dropping by. life is just too precious to be wasted, isn't it? i draw strength from my family but i also believe all mama's are born tough. :))