Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weathering Storms

When one is forced to face storms? Is there an effective way of weathering it through?

In the past 30 years, I have had my share of stormy times already. But I guess, the worst storm that I've ever been through was my stormy battle with cancer. I used to dread saying it. But now, I learned to live with it. It doesn't scare me anymore. I know there's still so much hope out there for me.

What gave me the change of heart?

After my surgery I was scheduled for 6 consecutive weekly visits to my surgeon for follow up check. I went home with my Jackson Pratt drain after all and the surgeon has to monitor that. It was on the 2nd week that I was told my pathology results revealed that my breast tumor was malignant.

Anyways, it was on my last visit that I met this fellow patient named Helen. She had this wonderful aura around her and she was so cheery it felt contagious. Soon I was joining her chat with our surgeon's receptionist.

It wasn't long after when she sad down beside me and asked me what my story is. And I obliged. I just felt an instant connection I had no qualms sharing a personal story with her. She patiently listened. And when I was finished, she immediately share her own cancer story. That's when I learned that she was recenlty diagnosed with breast cancer and have just had bilateral radical mastectomies. When I chanced upon her on the clinic that day, she has gotten through 6 sessions of chemotherapy. She was back at the clinic that day to pick up her bone scan results. She happily shared the results were good. And that she won't be coming back to the clinic anymore for the next 6 months. Such a relief she says. But she adds, there are still days when she wakes up and remembers the hell that she's recently been through and can't help but cry for a bit. But she says she's just glad to put that all behind. Because life is still good after all. And we still have a role to play in the world of the living.

Isn't that so inspiring to hear? This was after all coming from a 39-year old single lady who still had so much coming for her. I may be only 30 but God was good enough to give me Maia before tragedy struck. I felt I have every reason to stay happy and positive. But her...well...she found her purpose by sharing inspiring stories to cancer patients like her. By giving them a boost of positive energy to weather their battle.

Thinking of people like Helen...makes me appreciate life everyday.

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