Friday, March 13, 2009

Coping and Surviving

I was back at my doctor's clinic yesterday for a routine check up and to submit my mammogram and sonogram results. Although 4 more nodules were detected on my left breast, my doctor agreed with the radiologist that they were not a cause for alarm and that I should not let them worry me.

Earlier while I was still waiting for Dra. Cruz to come back from a series of surgeries, I was lucky to meet another cancer survivor and unlike the last encounter I had Helen was the one who showed interest to hear my cancer experience. She showed real concern knowing I'm only 30 and just had a baby. But at the same time, I felt a sudden jolt of inspiration seeing how positive she is. She did not look like she just recently went through 6 sessions of chemotherapy. She just so full of life that I realized I am going to win this battle.

It's been two months since my surgery and I am starting to feel like things are back to normal. The hubby and I are now able to put all the worries behind and genuinely enjoy our moments with Maia.Sometimes, on really good days, I tend to forget the challenges that we went through at the beginning of the year. We're starting to laugh a lot more often - laughter that has more depth.

I can only hope that this situation at home remains like that forever. But of course I will have to be realistic. Thoughts of recurrence and mets will probably linger. One thing I've proven from all these is that with family support, it is easier to face a cancer diagnosis. With that I am very, very grateful.

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