Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today is one of those days. I come home with my arms looking like that of a junkie's. I have a nasty migraine to boot brought about by food deprivation having fasted for 12 hours (wonderful news from the lab though, I was advised I can now take a few sips of water while fasting since my veins tend to constrict even more when I'm dehydrated) I usually end up with a month's worth of fat and cholesterol because my hunger always points me towards that place reeking with burnt grease but yet smelled awfully tempting. I flush a month's worth of work out and healthy dieting again because my brain is just too clouded by hunger I ended up letting my nose decide for me. My brain is still alive though and it's telling me to move out and choose healthy. But my defenses are weak. I give in. I will worry about the consequence later. For now, I immerse myself in all this greasy glory.

Every 6 months or so, I have my blood chemistry checked (usually it's for Lipid profiling and SGPT count. some days, the doc would request for the complete set). In late 2010, I went to a Cardiologist because I have been feeling some on and off chest pain and that really bothered me. Turns out what I categorized to be pain was just a product of my imagination since my ECG showed nothing to be worried about. Well, it wasn't really that pain that you might be thinking. I didn't feel like I had a hollowblock sitting in my chest or anything. It was more like a pinch that lasted for 10 secs. Doc  tells me it could be heartburn but just to appease me, he ordered for a stress test and blood work. The stress test was normal. I even reached level 4 which according to the doctor who monitored my test wasn't really necessary and yet I passed it. I can even pass for an athlete they say, save for of course my hideous flabs. The blood work though didn't bring good news. I was High and Low in the wrong areas. So dear doc put me on medication for 1 month. That didn't work but it did lower the cholesterol a bit. I graduated to 2 months, then 3 months. My OB-Gyne however was not comfortable with me taking these meds. So we all agreed on a compromise. I faithfully watch my fat and sugar intake (read: AVOID AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) and we'll stop the medicines. Well, I did not only promised to be religiously conscious of my diet but to exercise as well. Doc took my word and it has been almost a year since I stopped medicating.

I will know in 3 days if all my efforts have paid off. But so far, my lipid has not spiked since. It's not yet normal as normal can be BUT it is better. And I'm hoping for normal soon.

Apart from the blood tests today was also my routine sonomammogram. I saw a couple of new nodules earlier but I got a shoulder tap after the procedure somehow assuring me that they are most likely nothing to be worried about. BUT then again, you never know till you see the results. So I wait. Hopefully for good news.

For now...we do the waiting game. That I tell you is always the worst part of this whole routine.

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